Friday, May 20, 2011

Super Junior M for Putrajaya on 28 May 2011!

                                          FREE TICKETS FOR EVERYONE!!!

   Details :

   Venue : Precint 4 Putrajaya
   Date : 28 May 2011
   Time : 9.00 PM to 10 PM
   Fees : FREE!!

   It's Easy. Just Print The Ticket And Bring It To The Concert!

   Here you go :

  Click at the photo for a bigger size~!

   Please Read :

   I am not sure is it true or not that just print this and bring it to the concert.
   I can't guarantee! But,
   Friends just tag me the photo at my facebook .
   Well, many of them said it's true and they already printed it out.
   so i guess, it's nothing wrong to just print it right?

   If you guys going, see you there on 28 May at Putrajaya!

   Lets cheer for our Super Junior M!

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